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Aug 11, 2022

14 Ways Entrepreneurship is Like Parenthood

In many ways, entrepreneurship is very similar to parenthood. Here are a few:  1. You’re never ready for it. You’ll never BE ready for it. Start before you’re ready. 2. It’s a learn-on-the-job situation. You can read all the how-to books you want, but you’ll never be prepared for the problems that arise no one ever dreamed of. For example, your husband is out of town on business, it’s pouring out and creek water is rising in your backyard inching closer and closer to your house. You have one child home sick and the school nurse calls to tell you the other kid isn’t feeling well (True story.) What do you do? 

May 25, 2022


Maybe it comes with getting older, but I feel myself getting more tenacious with every year that passes. The fact that I’ve managed to launch this company despite the myriad stumbling blocks that come with entrepreneurship is proof of that. Or, maybe I’ve just gotten better at outwitting my own fears and neuroses.

May 3, 2022

Dusting Myself Off

“They” say you should keep your politics and your business separate so as not to alienate potential customers. They ...

Apr 4, 2022

My Over-50 Career Change

I was pregnant with our first daughter when my husband’s career took off and mine fizzled. (So much for that internet company.) At the same time, my husband’s job moved us to San Francisco. Because his salary exceeded mine significantly by then, and the cost of daycare would have just canceled mine out, I decided to stay home with the baby for a few years.
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